Avenue Greenville Wedding Pictures of Chyna and Michael’s Wedding Day. Wedding photos by Noveli Wedding Photography, Greenville SC Wedding Photographers.

There is always something spectacular about bring some of the best wedding vendors together to create a truly unique and special day! Enjoy Chyna and Michael’s Avenue Greenville Wedding Day!

Their Story:

Well we met at work. The first interaction we ever had was when Mike yelled at me, alerting me that there was stuff on the top of my vehicle. I didn’t hear him and then my stuff went flying. After this I saw him one other time. The first time we officially met (introductions) was when we were in training. The first day, he sat with a seat in between us. The second day was hand to hand combat. Well I asked him to sit on my down on my waist (as we were doing ground techniques) because my back was hurting so bad. Well he just looked at me and I assured him it would be okay and I said thank you and laughed. At lunch time, I asked if he wanted to have lunch and he said he was otherwise engaged. After lunch we went back to the classroom where he closed the gap and sat next to me. The third day was a hands on day. While we were separated for most of the day, we exchanged glances. Finally, at the end of the day I asked Mike what he was going to do for the rest of the night and he said he was going for a drink and I asked where. Well he replied “at my house.” I awkwardly responded “oh, okay” figuring this would be the end of our conversation, when he quickly followed up saying “unless you want to go somewhere?” We quickly exchanged numbers and met at Carolina Ale House. Ironically neither one of us care to drink!!

The Proposal:

He proposed on Christmas and hid my ring with another present. He made sure I opened it last. When I did this he was frozen with anxiety, just watching me. I opened the box, looked at him, and then back at the ring. I slowly slid it on my finger and jumped up to hugged his neck!

Vendor Details:

Getting Ready Location: The Westin Poinsett

Wedding and Reception Venue: The Avenue

Planner / Coordination: Upstate I Do

Cake: Couture Cakes

Mirror Booth: Uptown Entertainment

Music: Uptown Entertainment

Florist: Renee Burroughs Design

Caterer: Rick Erwins