Charlyn Farms Wedding Photos of Amber and Matt’s Wedding Day! Wedding Photography by Greenville Wedding Photographers Noveli Wedding Photography.

Amber and Matt were such a joy to work with as our associate photographers, Christina and Al captured these amazing images at Charlyn Farms. The sunlight shined through perfectly for them to reflect on this special day. 


The Proposal:

February 24th, 2018 started out like any normal day. It was filled with flag football tryouts for Caden, brunch at IHOP, and a tour of model homes to gather ideas for their future dream home. Matt and Amber were going to have a kid free evening, so they decided to get dressed up and go downtown. But, while Amber was getting ready…Matt told her to sit down and not turn around for a full minute. Amber was rather confused, especially when she heard him walk out the door. When Amber finally turned around, she was greeted with a card that told her she was about to start a scavenger hunt! Her first clue led her to the kitchen, where many of Matt and Amber's best conversations take place while they unwind from their days and make dinner for the family. Soon after finding the next clue, Alison showed up to be Amber’s chauffer for the afternoon. Each clue took Amber to a place that had sentimental value for her and Matt—a local favorite hangout, the restaurant where Amber first met the kids, Home Depot (because they are the couple that lives for DIY and home improvement projects), and the spot where they plan to build their future home. At each stop, Matt had left gifts for Amber that also correlated to their favorite memories together.


The last gift that Amber was given at Home Depot was a brick that was hand painted with their initials and date. The last clue led her to the site of their future dream home, and let her know that with the brick they would build their foundation, and their future would begin at the next destination. Alison drove a nervous Amber there. The whole time Amber was giddy, but teary eyed. As soon as she saw Matt standing in the open field, waiting for her, she broke down and cried. Matt greeted her, told her how much he loved her, and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He got down on one knee, pulled out the most gorgeous ring Amber had ever seen, and proposed. Amber, of course, said “Yes” and the celebrations immediately started!


Matt and Amber are so thankful that life introduced them to each other, and they could not be more excited to soon begin their journey as husband and wife. They are both committed to building a life together through hard work, determination, and perseverance.


Vendor Details: 

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Charlyn Farms

Caterer: Grits & Groceries

DJ: SC Party DJ-Corey