Glassy Chapel Wedding Pictures of Kelly and David’s perfect day. Wedding Photography by Noveli Wedding Photography, Greenville Wedding Photographers.

The first time we spoke to Kelly and David, we knew we had to be a part of their wedding day. Kelly and David pulled off a gorgeous and extremely fun Wedding Day in only 4 months. 

As Stephen and I were preparing our plans for New Years Eve, we got a call in mid October from Kelly and David. They had been eyeing our photography website for a while and were hoping that we were available for their wedding day. After speaking to them on the phone for over an hour, we were so glad that we were available! 

Kelly and David rented to separate houses at the Cliffs at Glassy, and that is where we started our day. Beyond gorgeous details, the perfect dress and a fun and loving bridal party that made the start of the day one we wish every wedding would be like. 

We love the connection that the two of them have for one another. You can see each time they look at one another and smile.

As we pause for a commercial break, enjoy their engagement story:

I live in AVL and he in CLT so we did the long distance thing for 9 months then I took a

travel position in CLT and stared grad school to be with him to see if this whole thing would

work out. You should know that we are both unicorns and by that I mean that we are both

natives of our home town and both pride ourselves in that (I more than he) so being away

from home has been hard. He started the weekend by taking me on a “surprise getaway”

leaving me unsure of our destination. I have a cabin in AVL that I adore and he and my

cousin orchestrated the weekend for the proposal to happen on the front porch of my cabin

after a lovely dinner at Smokey Park Supper Club. There were candles, roses, champagne,

chocolates and David on one knee. It was perfect.

Although a bit cold (that Artic cold decided to stick around a while) the day was a blast, and we rang in the new year with love, laughter and a kiss at midnight!


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Venue: Cliffs at Glassy | Lindsey Plantation

Cake: Sweet Life Cakes

DJ: Jumping Jukebox

Food: Thoroughfare Food Truck

Videographer: Noveli Films