Wedding Photos at Event at Sapphire Creek of Kelsey and TJ’s Wedding. Wedding Photos by Noveli Wedding Photography

Stephen and I have had the pleasure of knowing TJ and Kelsey for a few years. We won't bother you with the details, but through family events, lifes ups and downs, and crazy nights out, we consider them more family than friends. 

So as we were on our enjoying a little R&R after our destination wedding in Hilton Head, we got a call from TJ letting us know that him and Kelsey were getting Married in 3 weeks and they wanted us to be a part of the big day.

Needless to say we were stoked about the chance to celebrate with them. We brought along our assistant photographer to cover most of the reception events so Stephen could go into wedding dance mode. (think Flash Dance but with a dude)

The day was more than perfect, and as we walked into Events at Sapphire Creek to start the day it looked like a wedding that took a year to place. From the decoration, to the flowers to Kelsey's dream of a dress it was all put together like perfection.

And the day just got better from there. TJ's emotional first look when we saw the love of his life in her wedding dress was enough to bring us all to tears. The ceremony officiated by a close friend was the perfect blend of humor and wit. 

But if you know us and this crowd, when our main man Blake from Jumping Jukebox turned up the beat, it was dancing non-stop. 

We look forward to seeing them soon and look forward to all of the awesome comments you should leave them below.

Wedding Venue: Events at Sapphire Creek

DJ: Jumping Jukebox