Furman Wedding Pictures of Lauren and Demario’s Daniel Chapel Wedding. Wedding Photos by Noveli Wedding Photography

Oh My Gosh! Lauren and Demario are the sweetest people and we knew the moment we sat down with them at our Greenville Studio, the wedding day would be filled with love and fun! Stephen and I were super bummed that we were booked, but after reviewing some wedding from our associate photographer, we all agreed that the right fit had been made.

Lets start with how these two love birds met:

Demario was moving into his apartment for his job at Wofford University and got an email that he had a message from someone on Match.com. He noticed the user name and realized that it could only be one of two people. After figuring out that it was his friend Megan who had set him up on the account, he decided to give it a try. He messaged Lauren and a few weeks later, they decided to go on their first date.

Their first date was at Tsunami in downtown Greenville. Lauren got lost on the way to restaurant and Demario rescued her on a street corner. They went to dinner and the conversation was lovely and easy. On their way back to their cars, they were met by someone who wanted to share his poem and then politely informed them that CVS had an ATM.

They felt like the hit it off and kept the dates going.

So when true love hits you, you will probably have a proposal story something like this:

Demario texted Lauren at about 4 pm on 10/23/2016 and sent her an address. He said to not eat dinner and that he wanted to celebrate 19 months together the right way. She wondered what in the world could be at 23 Provence Street in Greenville. She got there (it was an Air BnB!) and opened the door. He had lined the house with candles.

Lauren saw him in the corner on one knee and "Dangerously in Love" by Beyonce was playing. She burst into tears and cried like a child while he said some lovely things. He said, "will you marry me?" and she jumped up and down and said yes.

He made her a dinner of Ritz cracker chicken, broccoli, and mashed potatoes. They ate Grimmaldi's cheesecake while watching "Love and Basketball" (one of Lauren's favorites!). They called their family and friends to report the good news. They were so elated with their new engagement and so in love with each other that they didn't notice that they had put regular dish detergent in the dishwasher. It promptly overflowed with bubbles but they cleaned it up and no one was any the wiser :).

He made her breakfast in the morning and they wrote in the guestbook at the Air BnB that they were ENGAGED. And the rest was history.


I know right…these two!

The Wedding Day was perfect, even though mother nature decided she needed to provide the upstate with some rain. Fortunately they chose Daniel Furman Chapel as the place for the vows and the Hyatt Regency for the party. Even when it rained, our associates did a fantastic job rolling with the punches!

The day we perfection, just like the love these to share. Give some love to them in the comments below!

Ceremony Venue: Daniel Chapel at Furman

Officiant: Dr. Stephen Hearne

Cake Vendor: Publix

Hair Stylist: Jordan Tafta

Make Up Artist: Jordan Tafta

Wedding Dress Vendor: David's Bridal

DJr: The Party Machine

Event Coordinator: Mary Hearne

Flower Vendor: Lauren Laurer and Carlon Steller

Event Rentals: Hyatt Regency

Caterer of Food: Hyatt Regency

Transportation (Limo, Carriage, etc): N/A

Photo Booth: The Party Machine


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