Cherie & Jerry’s Gassaway Mansion Wedding was beyond perfect! It was the end of our journey with them, but the beginning of their new life together. It was such an honor to be their Wedding Photographer!

"I want you to tell our story" is what Cherie told us during our initial consult with her. Her favorite part about our photography was that when she looked through our albums, we were telling Wedding Story's, not just taking Wedding Photography

To say the least, we were humbled by this, and were happily accepting of the offer to be her Wedding Photographers

We love their story:

"We met 1/9/2015 at church.  He got my attention by sharing his Bible with me during service.  He asked me for my number that night & texted me as soon as he got in the car.  He has called me everyday since we met.  He asked me to "be his lady exclusively" on 1/23/2016 after he prayed for me during a telephone conversation.  He proposed to me on 2/5/16.  He was planning to take me out on 2/4/16 for the proposal but I refused each time he asked me out.  On the morning of 2/5/16, he dropped to his knee & asked me 3 questions: 1) Do you love me? 2) Can you see yourself spending the rest of your life with me? 3)Will you be my wife until Jesus returns?  Of course I said YES to all 3 questions."

Our wedding journey took us through engagements, planning, and finally the fantastic day at the Gassaway Mansion. It is always a pleasure for Stephen and I to be there!

From the tender moments during prayers, to the smiles on Jerry's face when he saw his bride for the first time, it was truly an incredible day! 

Enjoy some of our favorite wedding images of the day, and be sure to give them and these wedding pro's some love in the comments section! 

Overseer & Lady E. Neil Dixon (husband & wife)
Wedding Dress Vendor
Cake Vendor
DJ or Band
Kelvin Robinson
Kristen Dixon
DeMarlo West
Flower Vendor
Event Coordinator or Planner
Linda Terry
Event Rentals
Caterer of Food Provider