Greenbrier Farms Wedding photos of Nicole and Brian’s perfect Wedding and Reception. Wedding Photos by Noveli Wedding Photography, Greenville SC and Charleston Wedding Photographers

Nicole and Brian's Greenbrier Farms Wedding and Reception was too perfect! Even though Christina and Al had to battle a little bit of rain, the day was nothing short of perfect!

Stephen and I had the honor of photographing Nicole's sister's wedding a few years ago, and since we were booked for her big day, our amazing partners Christina and Al went in and did an FANTASTIC JOB!

Enjoy thier story and images below and give them and the wedding pro's that helped a huge shout out in the comments!

Thier Story:

Brian and I met through my cousin (also Brian's BFF and best man) Cory Hunter. We both went to the same highschool, but he was older and didn't really pay me attention. How we started to date: I asked for his number (because flirting with him was not getting me the results I wanted). So I asked him out. A few years later after dating each other off and on, I called him and asked to talk. The short version from here is, he asked my intentions, I said we were going to get married some day, and he asked if we could date first. 🙂 And here we are.

Proposal Story:

It all started with Brian trying to take me to a Clemson basketball game (basketball is my first love). He asked if we could invite friends and family to go with and I said no, I wanted it to just be us. We ended up going as a double date with one of his best friends Marty. Marty was running late, so we didn't have time to eat before going to the game. Please note: I do not like to be late for a sporting event AND I was approaching the HANGRY zone rather quickly. We get to the arena grab some grub and find our seats… mind you, Brian and Marty are being odd the whole first half. During Halftime, Brian starts standing and stretching (again being odd). Then I see the announcer holding a sign, naturally I look in that direction. First thought, "are you kidding me, I have to see someone else get proposed to and in the setting I would have preferred". So I look at Brian, he's on one knee acting like he's picking something off the ground and I'm like really are you seeing this, someone else is proposing mister. I look back at sign (everyone is staring at me at this point… I still don't get it). I look back at Brian who is like well??? Still I have no clue… He goes, that's for you dear… I look back at sign, which now says "Will you marry the man beside you? (everything is in purple… which is my color, so I should have known)". This time when I look back at Brian, he's holding a ring. Obviously I said yes… I turn around to look at all the yelling (which you have to know, my sister has a very loud voice)… and majority of my family and our friends are holding signs for us recording everything. So it was a complete surprise, which it's hard to surprise me because I'm so nosey AND the family was involved.


Officiant: Pastor Chad Rickenbaker

Wedding and Reception Venue: Greenbrier Farms

Cake Vendor: Holly's Cakes

Hair Stylist: Rose Glow Beauty

Make Up Artist: Rose Glow Beauty

Wedding Dress Vendor: David's Bridal

DJ or Band: Uptown Entertainment

Event Coordinator or Planner: Emilee Payne

Flower Vendor: Expressions Unlimited

Event Rentals: Greenbrier Farms

Caterer of Food: Greenbrier Farms

Photo Booth: FamZing Photography & Video

Wedding Colors: Regency Purple and Marine Blue