Principle Wedding Photographers Summer & Stephen
We love life,
We love each other,
We love Weddings. 


2017 Photographers of the year!

We won National Wedding Photographers of the year for 2017! So honored!



We are Summer & Stephen Gossett

and we are two photographers in love with each other and Weddings!

A lot of people ask us what sets us apart from other photographers.


We have been a husband and wife team since day one (one of us was not the photographer who brought the other along and eventually became a husband and wife team) and we are constantly impressed with the creativity eachother creates on the Wedding Day.

As we photographed together our own unique styles blended creating the style that became Noveli Wedding Photography. 

Every Wedding has a unique story and we love capturing the emotion, the love, truly every moment that is important to you. Every image we take is done with purpose and passion, because your love story is unique and special.

We would love to talk to you more about your perfect day and how we can be a part of every perfect moment! You can email us at anytime or use our contact form. (and we promise to get back to you super quick!)

We also have 4 awesome kids, 2 adorable dogs and we love to travel (when we are not doing destination weddings). 


People loved our style so much that we needed to clone ourselves. So we did!

Meet Christina and Alejandro.

They spent years in our sister company perfecting their Wedding Photography craft and then another year with us to focus on photographing in the style we were awarded and known for. Not only are they amazing photographers, they are also our dear friends. 

Christina is like me, bubbly and always smiling. She is a beautiful soul and is the perfect person to be your person on the wedding day.

Alejandro aka Al is Stephen's protege and is funny, witty and crazy like him. 

The combination of these two creates the same creative energy that Stephen and I bring to every wedding. 

Contact us to setup a consult at our studio or skype!

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