Carly & Sean’s Poinsett Club Wedding was phenomenal! We loved every minute, from the emotions and love to the craze awesome dance party!

Carly and Sean's Wedding Planning for their Poinsett Club Wedding had finally come together, and the day was simply perfect! It was a day these Wedding Photographers will not soon forget!

We started the day meeting up with Carly at the Poinsett Club where her and her girls were fresh from Wilson's on Washington looking like a million bucks. While Stephen and the Noveli Films Video crew were downstairs grabbing some gorgeous detail shots before heading to the Hyatt to meet up with Sean.

I enjoyed capturing Carly and her girls getting prepared for the awesome sauce that was to come. She was so excited and ready to see her handsome (soon to be) husband.

We always as our couples how they met or proposed, and this has to be one for the books:

Sean and I had been dating a little over 3.5 years and July 4th is our first kiss anniversary so we always do something special and together. A large portion of my family and Sean's family was in town and a week before I had suggested to do a group thing at my parents house out in the mountains for the 4th. Unannounced to me Sean had already had this planned at my parents house for 2 months prior, I thought it was all my brilliant idea.

So the day of comes and everyone is showing up to my parents house for a fun 4th of July party. I look really cool rocking American flag shorts, American flag headband and armband, will Sean matching just as festive on my arm. We are grilling, enjoying adult beverages, and of course playing games. Sean and I had stumbled across a new game Jimmy Fallon's Whisper Challenge and I thought this would be a great/hilarious game to play with everyone. Again I thought i was brilliant but in reality Sean had it all planned months in advance and had jedi mind tricked me to thinking this was all my amazing plan.

We set up two chairs in the middle of the room and then everyone sat around in a big circle. My parents went, Sean's parents went, both my sisters and there significant others went, and finally it was mine and Sean's turn. Sean has the head phones on first and I am trying to get him to guess what I am saying, meanwhile he was setting up a special song to play for when I had the head phones on. So Sean guessed right nad now it was miy turn. Just to preface, I am competitive and was so ready, completely oblivious to the song playing in my ears totally focused on reading Sean's lips. He looks at me and says "Carly, will you marry me?" I stare back and spit out as confident as ever "Red Robbin!!". Everyone is laughing and then Sean composes himself again and says "Will you marry me?". At this point I didn't know what he said but I had thought I say marry somewhere in the line. So I sit up straighter, look around the room, not wanting to guess anything and make a fool out of myself, while everyone is egging me on "Guess, guess!". Sean looks back at me and says it one more time "will you marry me?". He stood up and then got down on one knee presenting me with an absolutely stunning ring and amidst my freak out I get the words out to say yes.

We had champagne and toast and it was the BEST. DAY. EVER. The song that was playing was "Shut up and Dance" by Walk the Moon.

After a beautiful and formal ceremony at St. Mary's Catholic Church, everyone headed to The Poinsett Club to celebrate!

Guest were greeted to a band that kept everyone on the dance floor all evening, and delicious food and cake.

Allyson and her staff always made sue things were running smooth, and it was such a pleasure being at the Poinsett Club.

Sparkler's and Cheering Guest greeted Carly and Sean as they headed out to their Honeymoon!

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Vendors we would love to thank:
Officiant: Deacon Whalen
Makeup: Wilson's on Washington
Wedding Dress: Bridals by Lori
Planner/Coordinator: Allyson of the Poinsett Club
Flowers: Gregg Foster
Caterer of Food: Poinsett Club