Twigs Wedding Pictures and The Lazy Goat Reception of Caroline and Scott’s Wedding Day. Wedding Photos by Noveli Wedding Photography associates.

How the story started…

Scott worked at a coffee shop and regularly made Caroline some delicious Americanos. They had some friends in common and just kept running into each other until they were like, "Hey let's date!" Or, something like that…

Well something like that turned into one specatucalr Wedding Day. From the first date a little something like that turned into the most adorable engagement story:

Scott and Caroline were driving around looking for a place to picnic but all the parks were stupid crowded on this pretty Saturday so they parked on the side of a country road next to a field with some horses. After eating Scott gave Caroline a book: a large old book that had been painted over and said "An Engagement: Scott + Caroline" on the front. Inside Scott had carved out part of the pages to place the ring box inside. Within the pages of the book Scott placed letters and love notes that Caroline had given him over the years. It was really freakin' cute.

So here it was, the big day. We do have to say this a lot about Caroline and Scott. They planned the wedding THEY wanted and it was the most relaxed and loving day we have seen in a long time. Stephen and I have associate Photogaphers who have been with us for years. And we were so proud of the results from this perfect day.

From the ceremony at Twigs in the morning, the jamming and awesome Receptiopn at the Lazy Goat, these two had such a wonderfyl day together!

But alas, we were not alone. These other Wedding Pro's made everything run like a million bucks.


Make Up Artist: Shantel Lowe

DJ or Band: WireWood Music (ceremony), Erica Berg Collective (reception)

Event Coordinator or Planner: Farrah Redmon

Flower Vendor: Twigs

Caterer of Food: The Lazy Goat

Photo Booth: Shutterbooth

Photographers: Noveli Associates (Alejandoro & Kelly)